I just finished watching NBCs retrospective, Saturday Night Live: The First 5 Years.

It was surprisingly good. I figured it would amount to nothing more than a sanitized look back and serve as a disguised promo piece for the current incarnation of the show. But amazingly, it contained a lot of edgy stuff and rarely-seen footage, in effect putting todays SNL to serious shame.

There was one little trivia tidbit that I want to record here, for future reference:

Garrett Morris, while recounting his famous Im gonna Get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see! scene, revealed his inspiration for that song.

He remembered, as a kid, watching an episode of Truth or Consequences. The format of that show called for bringing audience members onstage to demonstrate their particular talent. One night, a frail little old white lady from North Carolina came up to play songs of her own composition. She proceeded to sit at the piano and started belting out:

Im gonna Get me a shotgun and shoot all the niggers I see!

At which point the screen went black, and the episode was brought to a screeching halt.

Funny stuff. Right up there with Morris berry, berry good Chico Escuela character.


I took this shot today, right at high noon, on 2nd Avenue South in good ol St. Pete. I was actually trying to get a good shot of that teddy-bear balloon that was hanging off the telephone wire. But I was walking too fast, and didnt feel like taking time to set up a shot. So this was the result.

That black spot in the center of the sun? It could have been a bird or something flying across the sky; but it doesnt look like that, and I would have noticed it either beforehand or afterward. So Im thinking its some kind of effect from my cameraphones lens. (Its not damaged subsequent shots come out fine, sans black spot.)

So it wasnt quite a Soundgarden moment for me. Just as well there was no rain to wash away.

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