I cant find any news on it not even on Search Engine Watch but it appears that the venerable HotBot search engine is down for the count. Sometime this past Saturday, the option to use HotBot to generate results disappeared, leaving only Google and Ask Jeeves interfaces. (And if thats the case, theres no reason to visit at all to visit the HotBot site you might as well go straight to Google.)

HotBot, part of the Lycos network, was using Inktomi to power its searches. Since Inktomi is now Yahoo!-owned, Im assuming that plugs been pulled. HotBot might come back using another underlying engine; but Im figuring it would have made arrangements for that by now.

Im sure most of this Googlized world circa 2005 wont shed tears over this departure; as far as I can tell, only one other person noticed and cared enough to comment. But Ive been hanging onto HotBot as my search site of choice, for a couple of reasons:

It seemed to handle specific-phrase searches better than Google, believe it or not.

It had a lot more file-specific search qualifiers available.

You could customize the home page to include a lot of optional fields.

It numbered its search results (a little thing, but nice to .

I guess Ill have to bite the bullet and resort to Google as my everyday search-monkey, despite my low level of faith in its relevance rankings. Id like to find a search utility that combines a few different engines, and isnt overloaded with crap sponsored listings (e.g., Dogpile and AllTheWeb).


Psychologists at Washington University in St. Louis have determined that a sixth sense of heightened awareness actually does exist in the human brain.

Basically, your brain is working overtime and in the background, processing on subtle cues and sensory inputs to create an early-warning instinct. Its not a base instinct, either: The action happens in the anterior cingulate cortex, the part of the brain thats central in processing complex information.

There is such a thing as too much intuition, though.

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