First, The Simple Life: Interns took stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie to work for a day at small charter service Southeast Airlines.

Southeast abruptly went out of business, before the Simple Life episode even aired.

Now, family feel-good movie Because of Winn-Dixie is doing mad box-office business, and the grocery chain was hoping to capitalize on the name recognition.

So what happens? Winn-Dixie, a $12-billion company, files for bankruptcy.

The message is clear for Florida-based businesses: Keep those Hollywood freaks at arms length! Theyre bad for business.


So, does anyone want to explain to me what LL Cool J is doing in a Caress skincare commercial where hes totally fleeced by a couple of little hoochie-mammas?

Yeah, sure, that last 2-second shot of him plays it off as though hes impressed by their ingenuity and guile. But face it: Those girlies were hanging on his arms, then they ditched him once they got past the door. Like hes not worth being with in a hot club.

I dunno. Granted, its total fiction, designed to sell some moisturizer. But LL is playing himself, and this is the sort of thing that can become self-fulfilling. Kudos to JWT/J. Walter Thompson for convincing the Big-L to go with it.

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