That Red Bull and vodka sure is tasty. But the liquid equivalent of a speedball can also zonk you out hard: The stimulant effect of the energy drink masks the symptoms of intoxication, leading to overindulgence.

Id think that any caffeinated drink mixer, like Coke, would have a similar effect. After all, youre still combining stimulant (cola) and depressant (alcohol). I guess the extra kick in energy drinks is what pushes things over the edge.

I suppose if you want to avoid the ill effects, you could go for caffeine-free Coke and non-alcoholic vodka. But then, all youre left with is the damned taste


From my current book read, North Dallas Forty by Peter Gent.

This is true of a lot of people. In fact, Id venture to guess that the vast majority of people operate this way. Its not enough to actually participate in the action; you have to imbue it with a final legitimacy by relating it to another person. It can be in the form of simple conversation, or confession, or even bragging, as long as the story is told. Often, even a person who was present during the event is eligible, even if its only to compare notes.

Its human nature as a species, were compulsive blabbermouths. Consequently, its also why so few people are capable of truly keeping a secret.

Once again, I tend to zig where others zag. I usually dont feel a need to tell anyone from anything, regardless of what Ive done. And I can keep a secret. Alas, probably not the ideal traits for a blogger


What the hell? According to my Yahoo! Publisher Network account, someone actually clicked on one of the YPN ads Ive been running in this blogs RSS feed.

I make note of this because its taken nearly three months of running those ads for the first bite. That kind of clickthru conversion isnt inspiring me to expand the YPN implementation anywhere else on this site.

I noted the last time that RSS is probably not the ideal testing ground for an ad network. Still, Im not seeing the ads getting much more relevant, and if Yahoo! cant dope that out, I cant see how theyre ever going to be worthwhile. Google AdSense is chugging along quite nicely for me (especially lately), so theres no way Im going to mess with that. I do wish AdSense would roll out public RSS ads Ive read that theyre beta testing so that I could try those out, for comparisons sake.

Like I wrote before, Ill keep YPN on the feed for as long as its low-maintenance. But Im declaring it a dud.


Last night I went to happy hour at Mannahatta, a little hipster watering hole on Bleecker and Bowery. It was hosting a freelancers social networking gathering organized by Media Bistro. I was told by hostess Alison Mitchell that Mannahatta is located not too far from Media Bistros offices, so its a big reason why it won out as the bar of choice.

I felt a bit like a fraud. I dont know if Im really a freelancer, and if I am, its by default. True, the last few pieces of work Ive had have been freelance assignments; but Im in search of a traditional, fulltime gig. About half of the people I talked to at Mannahatta were dedicated freelancers. Of course, half werent, so

Im considering going to the next such event with Live Sex blogger instead of writer/editor on my nametag. It would stand out more, I think, and elicit more interesting reactions.

I chatted with a guy who was a bigshot for MTV Interactive, incorporating all of MTV Networks websites. I told him about my blog, my publishing experience, and gave him my card. If he gets in touch, great. If nothing else, he might pass this URL around and get me some traffic.

The only other noteworthy thing about the crowd was what seemed like a preponderance of photographers, including a couple with cameras snapping away. Maybe it only seemed like there were a bunch of them.


Yes, that bizarro Milky Way commercial is buzzing up this here blog. And inevitably, someone from tracked down the video clip, via Salon.coms Video Dog.

If you should want a copy for your offline-viewing pleasure, right-click here for the .mov file. Load it up on your iPod and go; I know I will.

The Salon reaction is a bit mixed. Im guessing the ad appeals more to the youngster set, which Salon doesnt really cater to.

Yknow, for all the exposure Im giving this ad, I think Im owed a box of Milky Way bars (regular and Midnight), for free. Thats the deal that latenight talkshow hosts get for unsolicited product plugs, after all. That would make me a buffet of manliness, and a not-so-blue panda bear, too.


When Larry The Cable Guy comes out with a movie, its pretty much a slam-dunk that the laughs will be scarce.

But consider: Larrys comedic persona includes an occupational title, cable guy. Yet the movies title is Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector. When the characters defining MO needs to be supplemented thusly, it doesnt take a genius to figure that the movie stinks to high hell.

Oh, and also the fact that Larry The Cable Guy is in it. Did I already mention that? If not, let David Cross give you a detailed explanation for why Mr. Git-R-Done is a hack.


Weve already noted that office romances are increasingly en vogue. But if you dont want to commit to that, you can always opt for the emotional surrogate that is the office spouse.

This isnt new to me; Ive seen it myself, and heard and read of examples about it for at least the past five years. When you have employees grouped together by task groups, its natural that youll have eminently compatible personalities. Factor in the hours spent together, and you have a joyfully faux pairing.

Ive worked in offices where the women were the majority, and I acquired a couple of workplace wives along the way. It never went any further than desktop camaraderie; it was as much a part of the job landscape as any other office fixture. It was fun to have a playmate.


Yesterday, I went to church for the first time in a long while. It wasnt wholly voluntary I was pretty well obliged to go, as part of the service included a brief memorial to a departed uncle.

Reason aside, the service reminded me of why Ive not cared for church services ever since I was a kid: The incessant stand-and-sit ritual. Im not lazy, but I can think of better ways to spend a Sunday morning than shifting my ass up and down a hard wooden pew.

The semi-exercise did put me in mind of the bowing regimen in Buddhist worship, and how it helps achieve consciousness. I guess theres something intrinsically universal about linking physical activity with religious service. I cant say it enhances my experience, though.

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